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Rubén Fuentes

Rubén Fuentes



Born in 1980 in Cuba, Rubén FUENTES lives and works in Paris after a long stay in Spain. Before receiving his Master’s degree as well as his PhD from the University of Valencia, Rubén FUENTES was graduated from the Fine Arts Institute of Havana. With his powerful and unique style recognized in France and abroad, Rubén FUENTES is an artist with glamorous talent, and his works are featured in multiple public collections, such as the Museum of Hunting and Nature (le Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature) in Paris, the Confucius Institute as well as public institutions in the USA, Cuba, Switzerland and Spain. Since 2004, he has participated in numerous collective or solo exhibitions in France, Spain, Switzerland, Cuba, UK, China and the USA. He has been collaborating with Galerie DUMONTEIL since 2016. And with Galerie Felli since 2014. “This bestiary which exists only in the fantastic world created by Rubén, appears in known forms by conceiving another leafy and bushy flesh, which is always calm. If the animals look like an ethical monster, trees are figures from a tale by which they seem to tell us: ‘learn from my silence, everything lasts and everything is ephemeral’. Faced with such a sense of strength and beauty, it is impossible to be indifferent. In this exhibition, we distinguish the animal subjects to events that render them valuable in front of humans: ‘...My works have an extending tree, a forest that populates and covers everything... the wild world triumphs over the civilized world... A world in which the nature has resumed her role of heroin, and as in the Chinese and Japanese landscapes of "shanshui", the human figure is like a small insect, barely perceptible...’”

Œuvres de Rubén Fuentes