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Paris, France


My artist name is CiLA and I was born in Moldova. I lived in Romania for nine years during my studies and I’ve been living in France since 2005. My studies were completely unrelated to art. However, in the back of my mind, the idea to start painting was always present. While attending university and after starting my career I dreamed of painting, but I always found a million reasons not to start. In February 2016 I discovered mindfulness meditation and it was a revelation for me. Finally, I could reconnect with myself and liberate my mind to focus on what was important to me.
As a result, the time for DOING decreased in favor of time for BEING and enjoying the simple pleasures. I finally found the puzzle piece missing from my life - the expression of my creativity. Very quickly a strong need to create consumed me. I started with photography, but something was still missing. I knew that my real aspiration remained painting but again I didn’t pursue my dream despite several attempts. The lack of a studio was the main reason this time. In May 2016 I discovered digital painting which eliminated this constraint and I haven’t stopped since. The question about which artistic style to choose never existed for me.
Abstract painting offers me all that I had been missing for years: connection with myself, being in the present moment, acceptance of myself as I am. While I’m creating my digital paintings, I do not follow rules, I do not impose limits and I have no destination. The artwork I create is not predefined. It’s a self-creating process that follows my emotions, intuition and spontaneity.
Since I discovered digital painting in May 2016, it has remained the only technique I use. I was seduced by the infinity of options, especially the possibility to do and undo until I’m happy with the result. This state of freedom allows me to fully express myself and is my main source of inspiration. I just let it GO… I just let it BE… This is my artistic philosophy.



CiLA sees artistic creation as an encounter between herself and the present moment, a form of meditation… Her abstract artworks symbolize this “full presence” and exude an incredible life force. There is no dissimulation in her work but rather deep, raw and profoundly human sentiments. Lines and colors dance in sublime freedom allowing the artist to meet her inner self and to express her emotions and her story that flows intuitively through each of her works. All digital paintings are created from a blank file and without any photographic contribution.”

Œuvres de CiLA