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ALAgrApHY Artist (painter, filmmaker and photographer) and scientist (PhD in complex systems, data scientist and artificial intelligence expert) is among the pioneers in AI-generated ART . ALAgrApHY uses algorithms to teach machines to generate mosaics composed of thousands of unique faces (of fictional people) of all ages and diversity, inspired by his humanitarian project of His artwork "D'ame(s) Souriante(s)" has won the digital art award at the Salon d'Automne and has been exhibited at the Grand Palais on Feb 2019. As an “artivist”, he aims to paint the world with colors of happiness using various themes such as peace and diversity and he believes that AI can be used to enhance education, multiply creativity and reconnect humanity


Few Words

D{eye}versity 2013 (ISCB Art Science Award 2018 / Featured at UNESCO 2019) The two eyes of contrasted portraits (black and white / man and woman) are composed of the same ingredients and diversity of eyes (atoms). Les deux yeux des deux portraits en contraste (noir et blanc / homme et femmes) sont composés par les mêmes ingrédients et la même diversité des yeux (atomes).

Œuvres de ALAgrApHY